Saturday, July 23, 2016


The talk about Iver Johnsons got me thinking about President McKinley.  Then assassins and their firearm manufacturer choices.

Iver Johnson was used to off RFK and President McKinley

Boothe could afford a custom handmade Deringer.  Which was a brand of sorts, too.  Unless it was a Derringer.  The knock off of the original.

JFK got his from a Carcano surplus job.

Garfield got popped with a Webley Bulldog

Reagan caught one from a Rohm .22

Squeaky Fromme tried to shoot Gerry Ford with a Colt .45. 17 days later another 'nice' lady took a shot with some kind of .38 revolver.  Damn hippies.

MLK Jr. was cut down by a Remington.

Fabrique Nationale for Franz Ferdinand

Dunno what was used on Huey Long, the Kingfisher

Medger Evers was shot with a milsurp Enfield 1917

So a plethora of often inexpensive boomsticks used to commit and outrage.


Bob said...

There was also Guiseppe Zangara, an Italian IMMIGRANT! who shot the Mayor of Chicago, Anton Cermak, while trying to assassinate FDR. Zangara used a .32 US Revolver Company revolver.

Here is a song about Huey Long, the Kingfish, by Levon Helm.

Daniel Watters said...

Officially, Huey Long was killed with a FN M1910 in .32 ACP. Others have suggested that Long was actually struck by ricocheting projectiles from his bodyguards' return fire.

Comrade Misfit said...

Others suggest that Long was killed by his bodyguards, who fired in panic, and then took Weiss's gun from his car and planted it on him.

Windy Wilson said...

What pistol did the would-be assassin use on George Wallace?

Joe mama said...

George Wallace - Charter Arms Undercover .38

Will said...

Historically, it's been common for bodyguards to accidentally injure or kill their principals while attempting to defend them, (in addition to assassinating them upon occasion.)
JFK AND RFK are possible examples of this. Both investigations were compromised, one deliberately, the 2nd from incompetence, most likely.