Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Got some sim training in

Since I did the live fire training back in... May?  I've been quite busy on weekends.  And then I had to schedule a session around the Gunsmith/Trainer's other events.  So... finally.

Shake the cobwebs off.

He just worked on one thing for me.  Getting me faster by getting me more relax.  The simulation for most of half hour was red and green plates.  Shoot the green, not the red.  1 and 1, 2 and 2, up to 20 and 20.

When I am rushing I tense up.  This wrack the pistol around.  Plus when I hurry while tense it is as if I am trying to PUNCH that plate with a fist.  Like I pushing the 'bullets' out of the barrel with my arm strength.  Like I throwing a basketball during a free throw.  It's like a flinch, in a way.

Trying to work that out of me.  That bad habit.

When I am relaxed I can clear twenty plates in 10 or 11 seconds.  (Sam does this in 5 or 6.)  When I am not relaxed I miss more and it takes 20 seconds.

There was some progress.  Eventually you get fatigued and you have to slow down and concentrate on the fundamentals because you arms and finger are tired from all the shooting.  And MORE fatigued if you shot a lot of that all tensed up.

Ended the session, tired, with a few rounds of simulated pepper poppers.  Using what I learned I still got 51 in however many seconds.   I have to ask that next time.  But my personal best, ever, is 52.  Something musta stuck.

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