Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Chop Sticks

So, I like sushi, but don't always have the time to go to the local sushi bar. 

Fine, the local grocery collective stocks it.  Heck, so does my gas station.

But sometimes I forget to get the little complimentary wooden chopsticks.  Not wanting to eat with my fingers like a Neanderthal, I figure washable permanent implements would be good.  Just the pair, as it's just for me. 

Why no titanium chopsticks to go with my sporks!

Oooo, bonus?  They are as light as wooden sticks, but you could more conceivably and successfully slay a home invader with one of these.  I bet they'd work as tent stakes or pitons.

1 comment:

Windy Wilson said...

I don't know about slaying a home invader, but as I read in John Roth's classic, Unintended Consequences, they can be used to slay a sexist crime boss keeping you, a young lady as a slave.
I've used a variety of chopsticks over the years, and many of the disposable ones are too rough for my tender mouth. This pair looks good, I can retire the bamboo and the plastic sets.