Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Maybe there is something

You know how I said I have no hankering to get another boomstick?

I thought of something.

I kinda wanna make another upper. Make an upper. Do all that 'gunsmith' work. Something with a magnifying optic and an SLR-like forend. Low profile gas block. Longish barrel. Rifle length vis carbine length.

I'm new at this, so my big worry is "Oooh, I should got the gas tube that was half and inch longer" and whatnot. End up having to buy more and more parts. And I'd have to relearn all that info I core dumped ages ago about head space and twist rates. I better take it slow. One part at a time. This may take a while.

But that's the goal.  Do a good job making a rifle from scratch.  Buy nothing superfluous.  NO RETURNED MERCH!

Nation's Gun Show is in town this weekend, but there is too much on my plate. Plus, it's too hot. Maybe in the fall.

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