Saturday, July 9, 2016


You Owe Them Nothing - Not Respect, Not Loyalty, Not Obedience

Been thinking on this. 

I am a boy scout rule follower type, firmly believing in the rule of law even when others flaunt it.

After this week?  Not so much.  I may be more rambunctious and break more rules.  Bend others.  Especially when there is no way to prove I did anything.

"But what about this blog admission T-Bolt?!"

"What about it?  Did I run a red light at 3AM last night or last week?  Or ever?  I wouldn't do that where there are red light cameras.  Prove I was even out!  Public urination?  You got evidence of that?  I admit to no wrong doing."

Yeah, I say that, but there are still limits, built in.  I'd never betray my country, for example.  There is still hope at the back of my mind that the Rule of Law can be restored and traitors can be found strung up, hanged from lamp posts. 

"Anything else T-Bolt?"  Well, I won't harm a body.  Or mess with their stuff.  That's a moral issue as much as a legal one.

But I feel salty. 

Yes, there are people that think they are better than me.  They are right in that there is a lesser group, and a greater group, but they have their ranking 180 degrees off.  I didn't require Public Servants to kiss my feet before now, but, boy howdy, the reqs have now changed.

Here's one thing you can do without running any 3AM stoplights.  Jury nullification.  Unless it's high government mucky muck in the defendant's chair then they want the jury to apply that law stuff to a regular person that they wouldn't apply to themselves.  Refuse to cooperate until it's just the one set of laws for all.

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