Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Cop Shooting

The one in Minneapolis.

Obviously, it's early.  You can barely trust the details.  But that shooting...  Gives me the heebie jeebies.

Because, as it is now, the guy looks like a good guy shot by an excitable cop that done f-ed up.  He may have had a CCW.  He probably worked for a school system that could very well have done a background check on him too.  He sound like the proverbial boy scout.  Sure a furtive gesture and a miscommunication could have happened to spark this.  And the cop could very well not even be consciously racist or want black people to come to harm and have a minimum of prejudice onboard in his head.


If it had been me in that seat...  Ima a good guy.  A proverbial boy scout. 

I dunno.

I suspect my chances would have been better.  Because of my race.  And that's why I have heebie jeebies.  Both "that could have been me!" and "I live in a world where my chances would have been better."

Poor bastard.


Mike V. said...

If the police (at gunpoint apparently) says don't move, it isn't a suggestion. And since a gun was found in the car, it would seem there was reason for the police to be on higher alert than usual.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

The cop killed him because the person driving his car had a broken light. Don't make an excuse for that cop. The cop may be a good guy, but it sure looks like he f-ed up here.

I have a CCW. If I am driving in a state that accepts you are goddamn right there is a gun in my car. I don't deserve to be shot because of that.

There are guns in the cop car, too. They don't don't deserve to be shot because of that.