Thursday, July 28, 2016

Range work

Some thing are good, some are bad.  So, typical.

Still pushing right even when I DO have a good finger placement.  Odd.  Targets I think I shoot good end up being the worst, and targets I think are meh turn out decent. 

This was last week:

And I went a little different with this target this week.  Pairs at the five target areas.  Load a magazine with 10 rounds, two two two two and two to a different target:

But the results were similar.  Even though I am placing the finger tip better it looks like I am pushing the hits to the right.  Noticed it last week, and it happened this week.  So I concentrated on that for the second half of the second session and the hits shifted toward the center of each.  Hard to tell by looking at it, but take my word.  The concentration was "dangit, finger placement is right, be SURE you are pressing straight back."

Baby steps.  Marginal improvements.  But still, the correct direction. 

The trick, I think, is making all these minor improvements, then hammering em home until that is the instinctive way to shoot.  Move and shoot, split times, press outs, poppers, no shoots... something other than .22...  Soon.  I hope.


Mike V. said...

Are you left handed?

Old NFO said...

It's always baby steps, and you're going the right way, which is GOOD!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Left handed