Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ham? Like pork?

Hillary Clinton has seen Hamilton, on Broadway, three times.   She cries every time.

Well, she, and her staff, and her security have.   She is never really alone. 

Do you know how much those tickets cost?  Must be nice to be that rich offa money she didn't earn.

Unless someone gave her those tickets.  "Just remember who got you into the show, huh?"  If she did purchase them herself it's not like she handled the filthy lucre.  She might even be surprised how US currency looks a bit different compared to what it did in the 90s.  The Ten is peach colored? 

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Windy Wilson said...

Slightly tangential to this, in 1994 my cousin from Rome (Italy, THE Italy, to quote Nurse Betty) complained, when she visited us, that our money was all the same color and all looked the same. This was before the Fives, Tens, etc. were changed so the Presidents looked more "Hollywood" (Jackson looks kind of like Henry Winkler to me, and a whole lot less craggy than he is usually portrayed).

The Ones look so different compared to the Fives and larger that raising a bill should be harder now.