Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Good guy with a gun

"Didn't stop the Dallas shooter!"  So says Mike The Gun Guy Weisser.

What are you talking about?  Are you stuck on stupid or something?  Hordes of good guys with guns and one bomb throwing robut kept his kills down to only 5.  Stopped him butt cold.  Can you imagine if it were British cops, with no guns, trying to stop that sniper?  How many dead people that would be?  He'd have run out of ammo before a SWAT team could respond.

Oh, does The Gun Guy want someone like me do the stopping?  Is that the fallacy he is chasing?  Well, I can't be everywhere at once, nor should I try to be.

As an aside, this Gun Guy thinks Oswald would have learned to shoot in the Marine Corps with a Springfield 03.  Post WWII, I doubt that the Marines still used them.  Even in boot camp. 

And that one of the least important thing the Gun Guy gets wrong.

Mr Weisser?  You sir, a fuckwit.


Robert Fowler said...

Oswald probably used a M1 Garand in boot. When I went in in 73, we were issued M14's for all but the 2 weeks of ITS. Then we were issued M16's. In the support unit where I finally ended up, we used M14's until 76.

Mike V. said...

When my Dad went through Navy Boot Camp in 51 they still used the Springfield. Ive got a picture of him at Great Lakes holding one.