Friday, July 8, 2016

Things are bad, but

In 1968, around the time I was conceived, MLK was shot.  Dad worked at the phone company, and rumor that rioters were done burning downtown and were coming up Wisconsin and Connecticut a Avenues to burn down the nicer neighborhoods freaked him right out.

My grandparents lived in Bethesda off of Wisconsin.  Mom and Dad lived in Silver Spring off of Connecticut.  Dad worked at the phone company in Friendship Heights in DC off Wisconsin.

So, dad went to Montgomery Wards and got the single shot 20 gauge to defend hearth and home. 

I always thought that was my grandfather's gun, and much older, but...  there you go.

And not the best defensive firearm, admittedly, but better than harsh language.

That said.  THIS, what we have now, is not 1968.  Not even close.  But it will probably get Trump elected.

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