Monday, July 25, 2016


Specifically, the famed Jungle Carbine!

The main article to the Lee Enfield said there was more felt recoil in the carbine because the barrel was shorter.  "the .303 round produced excessive recoil due to the shorter barrel."  This made me furrow my brow.

The article specific to the carbine said it was because the rifle was lighter.  THAT made me feel better and nod my head.  Also, the butt pad had less surface area.  Ouchie.

Also, the Brits were on about a .276 caliber service cartridge like I have pondered about alternative caliber selection in the past.  Neato!  I learned something new today.  Reportedly too hot. 


Borepatch said...

I love my Enfield.

Brad_in_IL said...

Buddy of mine has an all original jungle carbine. It doesn't kick any worse than my Mosin Nagant M44.