Thursday, July 14, 2016

Michael Moore

He just wants sensible gun safety reforms.  No one is coming for your guns. 

Michael Moore, hero of Flint, calls for the banning of all semi-auto guns, large capacity ammo magazines, and war.

'War' aside...  after he has all the semi-autos, what does the mag ban get him?  What is his value-add getting rid of them?

I guess the Ruger Scout, and similar, bolt action rifles can take 20 rounders.  And Mike would consider that large capacity.  Maybe he anticipates killers going to that kind of bolty after everyone has surrendered their Garands, and 1911s, and Glocks, and whatnot.

(The 'war' part, is he assume all returning vets are like Corporal Flashback and are ready to snap because 'Nam.)

Back to pitch forks and machetes when the Revolution comes, eh, Mike?

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ASM826 said...

Looks they are using trucks in France.