Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Two in one

One of the nice things about my current shooting instructor is he is also my gunsmith.  A gunsmith that if he had his druthers would just do custom 1911s.

"So he is an 1911 true believer?  The one true pistol, designed by John Moses Browning, pbuh?"

Oh sure he really likes 1911s,  But he trains me on Glock SIRTs,  And shoots whatever.  Only recently has he started carrying a 1911 again when out and about, and that is to help advertise his gunsmithing business.

When training, I also get exposed to other gizmos.  Slide cockers, red dots on the frame, red dots on the slide, different iron sights, some tritium some fiber optic...  whatever the latest thing is, he wants to play with.  Then, if it is no good or conveys no advantage, he discards them, and I don't have to pay to find out on my own.

So what does he like and keeps for the advantage?  Well, a few things on race guns that aren't in my wheelhouse at this time.  But a flat trigger and a plain extra wide notch black rear sight, so you have some gap on both side of the front sight in your sight picture.  Those seem to have stuck around.  And I kinda like both.

Never would have guessed that.  I'd have guessed I'd want to stick with 3 dots.  So... yay?

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