Friday, July 22, 2016

Had a Dream

A dream of blog fodder.  Woke up thinking "that'd make a great post!"

It's a truism.

The most dangerous time you will have with your pistol, assuming you aren't a clod, is the going in and out of your holster.

Solution.  Ban holsters!

Ok, that's not right.  This dream post is only half right.  Yes, you are probably most likely to have an unwanted loud event with holster work compared to any other operation, but getting rid of holsters is a non-starter for all the other great thing a holster brings to the safety table.


.45ACP+P said...

You have hit upon one of the reason I prefer pistols with a hammer. you can, if your technique is right, feel it retracting before that loud noise spoils your day. Not a perfect solution but at least a checkmark in the "plus" column.

B said...

And mostly with striker fired pistols with a "Safe Trigger" type of action. I include all those tyopes of actions. Glock/XD/M&P etc.

Kinda hard to do it while reholstering (or even unholstering) with a properly used 1911 type of control group.

Safety and grip safety (which you should not depend on) does make it safer than having the brake on the gas pedal.....