Tuesday, July 5, 2011


There is sentiment, online and off, that, "Gee, T-Bolt, a .223 rifle would be awful handy if the SHTF because it will be a very common and easy-to-find find ammo."

Yup, agreed.  But if a National Guard platoon or cops in a police cruiser leave their vehicles unsecured because a zombie ate them then I'll have access to their ammo.  I'll have access to their rifle too, since they'll have adopt their own incisors as their go-to weapon of choice.  As Sam Elliot, as Sergeant Major Plumley, said in We Were Soldiers, "Sir, if the time comes I need one, there'll be plenty lying on the ground."

But...  it's be nice to be familiar with an AR pattern rifle of some sort, I agree.   Just to know how to field strip one without thinking about it, to start.


"Good Morning Sergeant Major!"

"How do you know what kind of gott-dem day it is?!"


Anonymous said...

You seem like a mini-14 guy.

Marty said...

I like Mini-14s. I actually believe that they are easier to maintain and less complex than AR-15s.

I obtained my ARs for T-Bolts stated reason of getting to know the system.

I will get another one now that I have learned a lot from my first.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Mini-14 might be me except... their reputation for accuracy beyond 80 yards bothers me. If Farmer Frank endorsed them for a rugged varmint weapon in his tractor I'd be all over them.

Marty said...

I'll loan you one for a couple months. Air it out. Write us a review!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, now would be the time to get into the AR scene. Due to the fact that the Anointed One has Single Handily won the War in Iraq and Afghanistan (just ask him!) and is bringing the troops home, the market is being flooded with all kinds of AR weapons and accessories, plus .223 ammo is very cheap.

But since a Mini-14 is kinda-sorta like a Garand or a M-14, you'd still be fishing in the same pond, as it were.

But I still think the .223 is best launched from a Heavy Barrel Bolt gun with a good scope for Varmint/Predator Control.

But since we can't Lease a Firearm and run enough Field Stripping Drills to build up the Muscle Memory, I guess you're going to have to spend some cash.

As to which Manufacturer and/or Model, I'm sure someone out here can guide you. I'd start with Tam.

Have fun with your Skill Acquisition!

Anonymous said...


David said...

That's the main reason I got an AR...as former Army guy, I've got about 13 years of training on the system. I've been carrying and shooting the platform so long it's a part of me, and I can make it do about anything I want.

So I've got an AR for the close to mid range fight, or to pass off to my niece if I need to (she's learning to shoot it). Then I've got an M1A Scout in .308 if I need to reach out a little, or just need something with more punch.

45er said...

I've got an AR (love it) and a pretty fair amount of ammo. I think, however, that if you don't have a pretty good supply of ammo when SHTF, the likelihood of coming across found ammo is pretty low in general. Even then, everyone will be fighting for it. Hence, the need for your own good supply to start. That being said, if you were to come across some in this country it would most likely be in the .223/5.56 variety.

Anonymous said...

I have M1A's and love them. But i am being wooed toward the AR not only because of the ubiquitous prevalance of the ammo but for a much more compelling reason... weight.

if I had to walk all day long it would make a huge difference

Geodkyt said...

Look, Ammoseek.com hooked me up with a seller with a nice short term sale price.

I picked up 1000 rounds of M193 5.56mm ball on strippers for about $330, shipped to my door. That's 33 loaded mags, plus a couple of zero confirmations.

Honestly, if you burn through more ammo than that on a Stateside two-way range, it ain't SHTF, it's TEOWANKI.

I'm not expecting TEOWANKI -- I just prefer to always have at least one more unit (box, case, etc.) of consumeables than I need, so that when I run through my ready supply, cracking open the last cube of toilet paper, 12-pack of soda, can of ammo, etc., is a clue-by-four, and I will (hopefully) remember to get more BEFORE I run clean out.