Monday, July 4, 2011

Perfect Food Gun

Saw the perfect food gun for sale at my local gun store.  A Savage Drilling. 

Well, not a drilling, I guess.  Just a combo gun.    My brain just thinks "Drilling" when I see a long guns that shoots rifle and shotgun.  Which is wrong of my brain.  Drilling comes from the German word for 'three'.  Drei.  Three barrels.  This was 2.

It was very simple.  Just a break open single shot machanism long gun.  Top barrel is .22 long rifle, bottom is .410.  With those two you can eat any critter this side of the Mississippi.  I know you can take deer with a .410 slug.  Ducks and such with different shot.  And .22 for miscellaneous 'other' woodland cuties..

Only one trigger.  So load .22 or load .410 or waste a round when you pull the trigger and double down on the bang.

I don't know why, but I kinda covet it.  I admire that simplicity and utility.  Bricks of .22 and shotshell reloader and you have meat for a Robinson Crusoe life. And I also like these.

Update: Link to a fan page of the Savage 24.


ZerCool said...

The Savage Model 24 was many a young man's coveted piece. My father didn't have one, but mentioned that the .22/.420 O/U was essentially the epitome of cool guns when he was growing up.

I thought they had a selector switch, though - so you could choose which chamber you were firing.

.410 for duck? Eeek. :-)

The modern-ish equivalent is the Rossi combos with easily changed barrels. .22/.410 is common, as is .22/20ga, and there are some triples with .22/.243/20ga - now THAT is a sweet combo.

Bob said...

The Savage 24C was the most versatile, I think, with a .22LR top barrel and 20-gauge lower barrel. Selector was on the hammer spur. The 24C was shorter than the others, and had a hollowed-out butt to store extra cartridges and shells. It was intended as a survival gun.

JB Miller said...

Remington Model SPR94 is the one I have been wanting. Comes in .22lr/.410 and a 12/.223 version.

I want both.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

There might be a selector switch, ZerCool. I'd need to play with it more to see. It would make sense if there was.

Ellis said...

it would suck if the selector was on the wrong, empty chamber, when you were hungry.

Old NFO said...

Interesting piece, no question!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Our family had one for years. As a matter of fact, last spring, I went down to the Farm to get it from my Father, and he told me he sold it off 6 months earlier at a swap meet for $40 bucks.

"That Nursing Home move is getting a lot closer, Dad."

Bob said...

I remember the 24C as one of the guns I badly wanted as a boy. When grocery shopping with my parents in rural Florida long ago, I'd hightail over to the hardware store to fondle their 24C. It was perfectly sized for a young teenager.

wv: savaggiz. The plural of Savages, as spelled by urban youth.

Stretch said...

Uncle Jim had a Savage O/U in .30-30/12ga. When zeroed at 100 yds for the .30-30 the 12ga was dead on at 40 yds.
Throw in Remington's Accelerator round and it was good for varmints too.

Borepatch said...

With those two you can eat any critter this side of the Mississippi.

[pedantic_mode] Dude, having grown up in Maine, I wouldn't want to hunt Moose with a .410. Even a slug. [/pedantic_mode]

I'm skeptical about White Tail, but that may be my own poor marksmanship skills.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Maine? That's like Canada!

Angus McThag said...

Shotty on top, rifle on bottom: Bockbüchsflinte

Drilling is a side-by-side shotty with and underslung rifle barrel.

Side-by-side rifle with an underslung shotty is Doppelbüchsdrilling.

Trivia! You can live without it and never notice!