Sunday, July 10, 2011

Things Tam Taught Me

Hey.  Lotsa people admire Tam.  She is a great blogger, been on the internetz forever, and is super knowledgeable.   Just reading her stuff and her comments here is like a cheat sheet before the big exam.  I've learned a bunch from her through long term osmosis, and I bet a lot of you have.  For instance:

- Pull straight back smoothly from full reset on a DA trigger on a revolver.  One continuous motion.  Just commit to the trigger pull when you have the sights on. 

- Tritium sights are good with most any firearms.  Especially when dealing with shambling zombies in low light situations at dusk or what not.   If you have sprinting zombies you want a red-dot optic of some sort.

- Got a 1911 jamming on the second round?  Did you load 8 rounds in the mag?   Might be that, causing it.   Load 7 next set, see what happens.

- Sunscreen.  And gloves on high round count outdoor training.

- Don't keep messing with it.  Leave it in the holster.  Playing with it as if it were a toy is a way NDs happen.  Minimize handling.  You know what a pistol is, you don't need to fondle it every chance you get.  Act like you been here before.

What has Tam taught you?  If not Tam, what is the best lesson you've absorbed from the posted experiences of another blogger/internet-source?


Michael W. said...

How true. Tam is indeed a font of knowledge but I have learned one important thing from you my learned friend. Every time I open your blog I am reminded of the immortal quote,

"I don't want a teen age queen, I just want my M-14"


Anonymous said...

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DaddyBear said...

What I learned from Tam was that a warm smile and a friendly greeting from one of the big fish can do a lot to make a small fish feel welcome. When she introduced herself to me at Knoxville, I knew I was among my own people

Guffaw in AZ said...

The Mistress of Snark and Wisdom!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Not Tam, per se, but all the smart Gunnie Bloggers seem to stress the 4 Rules on a regular basis.