Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This was right down the street.

The Ken Ballew Raid.  An ATF debacle. 

Heard about it from Joe Huffman.  I was a wee bairn all of 2 living a couple mile away, too.  Must read up on it, maybe comment here, as this is really the first I've heard of it.  It smacks of another search warrant foul up where the occupants think they are being nighttime raided by people intent to rob them and are acting like police, but not even dressed as police.  Ken grabbed a gun to defend himself from what seemed like ruffians, but were really cops, and go shot in the head for his trouble.

Ken was snitched on by a burglar that wanted to give up something to police.  The burglar noticed grenades and guns in the apartment.  Ken was a gunnie, so yes there were guns.  The grenades were the inert kind that look cool, but don't do much but sit on a shelf doing that.  Heck I had one of those as a kid.  You can still get milsurp decor, of course, today. 

The ATF ignored exculpatory evidence.  Mr. Ballew, an Air Force vet, was employed at the Washington Post as a pressman and was a boy scout leader. 

Sounds like he got shot because the ATF was bored and he was a gun nut.  Oh joy.  The ATF has been doing this stuff forever, it seems.  This, Waco, Mexican gun smuggling.  Do they do ANY part of the F in ATF right?  The A guys were alright when I had to deal with them.


Daniel E. Watters said...

To be fair, 8:30 PM in June is hardly the middle of the night.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

good point

Old NFO said...

Just shows they have NOT changed their stripes...

Tam said...

The Ballew Raid was one of the incidents that led to the passage of FOPA '86.

After GCA '68, the newly-minted BATF
was so fricken' out of control that the Democrat-controlled Congress of the mid-'80s slapped them down.

Boat Guy said...

Ross' book "Unintended Consequences" has a pretty good - if "novelized" - account