Friday, July 29, 2011

Chiappa Veto

Well, crap.  Now I can never buy a Chiappa.  Not because they put an RFID chip in their pistol. I can get that out myself.  Not because they are blissfully ignorant in their PR office about what an RFID chip can or can't do...

But because a PR office belittles its customer's concerns.  Insulting.  I also don't buy cars or radios or groceries from people that say things like, "Wow, YOU are ugly?  You want that?  Gimme your money and get out of here.  Hey is that a picture of you and your family?  Wow your wife sure is ugly.  And you kids look retarded!"

Ok. The Chiappa rep actually said: "For those still concerned you can simply remove the grip and remove the hot glued RFID from the frame in the grip area when (over a year from now) these begin to appear. Others may prefer to wrap the revolver and their head in aluminum foil, curl in a ball and watch reruns of Mel Gibson's 1997 film, Conspiracy Theory. Well, that's a plan too!"

Hey Chiappa, how bout I wrap my credit care in aluminum foil before the swipe when purchasing one of your products?  Oh?  You say then you won't be able to make the transaction and there will be no sale?  That, good sirs, is now the point. 

Snark has it's place (Hi, Tam!)  that place is not in product sales or related evolutions.  How astoundingly rude.  I dismiss them from my thoughts. 

Oh Chiappa can fire this northbound end of a southbound horse, but the fact they hired him in the first place makes me question their judgment.  It'd take a lot more to placate my concerns and regain my trust.

It's a shame too.  I kinda wanted a back-up spare snubbie.


Marty said...

T-Bolt, I hate to tell you but lots of firearms, ammo, and accessories have RFIDs in them.

90% of footwear sold in the US has RFIDs in them.

The average adult male has 30 RFID on him on a typical day. Your car has hundreds of them.

It's all used for inventory control.

Anonymous said...

I bet people said the same thing when serial numbers started to appear on firearms. That's all it is. A Serial number. Like a UPC label.

Besides, 5 seconds in a microwave destroy them.

Buy an RFID reader. You won't believe how many you find.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Thank Crom you can use a Taurus Judge Snubbie instead of a Chiappa as your back up. Or a Bersa .380.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I know that Marty, and I am more aware of their capabilities than Chiappa PR office is. That's not the POINT.

Marty said...

I measure the firearm, not the people the make it, or sell it.

I will buy firearms from people that hate me openly if the tool is worthy.

The rest is just noise.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

If their judgement is faulty enough to release that tripe, where else is their judgement lacking?

I stopped going to that car dealer garage to get work done on my truck when I saw the cockfighting operation going on in the back. The management team wasn't betting on the birds, but they did turn a blind eye to it all. 'What other horrors would that car dealer tolerate?' was my thinking.

Marty said...

Here is the press release:

Where is the snark you mentioned?

Chiappa The Group is introducing the RFID system in its chain
production, using a microchip identification to all of his weapons
production. It 'was possible to achieve this ambitious application
thanks to a major partnership that involves primarily the Consortium
Gunsmiths Italians, who initiated the project, the company Novarex Martellago
(VE) of the RFID Solutions Group, which has created a software platform
that interfaces with the computer systems of 6 companies including Brescia
Try National Bank, as a single certification body of weapons
sports in Italy.
Chiappa Firearms over the next few months will automate processes
"Production and matriculation of the weapon", "expedition to the National Tour
Try, "" Return of the weapon, "" sale of the weapon "on the basis of the special
RFID software.
Designed specifically for the delicate application, this system has
implemented solutions to overcome the limitations of the TAG application, from
a strong presence of metallic masses, while respecting the aesthetic
The microchip is a writeable, even in stages, which can be
inserted in both the visible and protected in that weapon. It 'hard to
removable without significantly altering the characteristics of the weapon and
then accompanied the weapon forever, providing all information
earnings - and upgradeable - the production cycle, as well as information
commercial property on registration and data.
Easy to imagine that the trace of the weapon is a constant
almost completely prevented the theft or use other than sport.
Cynthia Pinzoni
PH. +39.030.9749065
FAX +39.030.9749232

Marty said...

Following the rabbit hole farther, it wasn't Chiappa that made comment it was a distributor, MKS Supply.

It's like blaming Whirlpool for a snarky remark a Walmart PR rep made.

Marty said...

Oddly it's an Ohio Distributor. What the hell is up with Ohio lately.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Chiappa still had poor judgement selecting that spokesperson in the form of their distributor.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Marty; a bunch of us Buckeyes are asking the same thing. It's possible that since the Republitards have overwhelming Majorities in the State House, Senate, Supreme Court and the Governorship, all the local Demacommies City Machines are feeling scared, because we actually Balanced the State Budget w/o raising Taxes, cut spending (and all the local Towns and Villages and Cities have to make do with a 20% REDUCTION in State Revenue), and are trying to remove "Free Money for Life" from all the State Employees Unions. Law was passed, but there's a recall initiative going around, so it'll be put to the Vote come November.

So there's a lot of Panic Mongering going on, and that is leading to a lot of Stupid Behavior.

Or it could be the Heat.

Wilson said...

You would think these PR idiots would know basic marketing 101 – Don’t piss off potential customers.