Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Upheaval Makes for More Zombies

Zombie movies, that is.

I've heard a similar theory before.  But slightly different.  A GOP presidency means more zombie movies/shows, and Dem presidency means more vampire movies/shows.  More of that old saw, "The GOP is the stupid party [like brainless shambling undead] and the Democrats are the evil party [like vampires]."

Meh, it sounds ok, but it's probably a buncha hooey.  Both theories.

The new theory stresses 'bad times' like from wars or Great Recessions.  How come leftist LOVE the idea of hard economic times?  They seem to root for a return to breadlines, I guess, to enact their statist economic controls.  Prolly why they want to call this the Great Recession.  If their hero FDR, who saddled us with the beginning of a true federal welfare state and command economy (after a fashion) that stuck, can have a Great Depression, why can't the guy they think of as the best president EVAH get a 'Great' moniker on his economic downturn?  Have you ever noticed that other countries called the 1930s economic problems a Depression, and got through it faster than we did?  I guess they didn't want to exacerbate and lengthen it for political gain or something.

A shame Obama doesn't seem to have the skill FDR had to turn this all to his advantage.

I wonder what kind of movies we'd get if the federal government actual withdrew some and started to leave people the hell alone, more? 


Bubblehead Les. said...

Learned this in Russian History class while attending my local State-Sponsored Indoctrination Center, the University of Akron. During the summer of 1917, when the Tzar was gone, but the Bolsheviks hadn't yet gained power, Lenin was addressing a crowd. Some one yelled out "Why don't you take Power, you%$%!" Lenin replied "Not yet, Comrade, THINGS AREN"T BAD ENOUGH YET!"

So you are right about the Statists.

Now, on 9/11...; )

45er said...

I don't know about the theory, but that is a heck of a "to watch" movie list!!