Friday, July 22, 2011

Future Legislation

If the Ballew incident and an out of control ATF led to the Firearm Owner Protection Act... (thanks Tam)

I wonder what legislation will come out of Fast and Furious when half of Obama's Justice Department is frog marched to prison, begging not to be extradited to Mexico?

And what the roid raging Canton Ohio bad-cop situation will do for CCW legislation and reforms to counter abuses of the out of control members of local police?

We may be living in interesting times.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Warning to those who might be attending the Northcoast Blogshoot over Labor Day weekend: if you come up from the South, I-77 will take you right through Canton, Ohio, and it looks like this IDJIT will be keeping his Job, but he'll probably be stuck running Radar over the Holiday. I'd find another way, personally, but as a Native Buckeye, there are a LOT of these guys "Serving and Protecting" up here who just haven't been Caught yet.

As for Pro-Gun Legislation: Not while A) the DemaCommies control the Senate, B) there isn't enough Republitards in the Senate to override a Presidential Veto, even if they do get the Senate, and C) It'd take a Conservative Republitard President (not a RINO like Romney) to make sure it'd happen in the first place. So we are looking at 20 January, 2013 at the earliest, or some SCOTUS Rulings in Favor of the 2A.

Other good news is, there probably won't be Anti-Gun Legislation coming out, because the House will allow the Bill to die in Committee, but the Anointed One has already signaled that he is willing to issue Decrees like his buddy Hugo Chavez. And we all know how the ATF LOVES to Follow Illegal and Unconstitutional orders.

Boat Guy said...

"...half of Obama's Justice Department is frog marched to prison, begging not to be extradited to Mexico" is a thought that brings a huge grin to my face, almost immediately followed by the realization that such a thing will probably NEVER happen, regardless of how much evidence is accumulated.
The result of Gunwalker, will likely be more useful as an indicator than anything else - and fuel my skepticism ( a tank that is admittedly already overfilled) regarding the ability/willingness of our "system" to provide "equal protection under the law."