Thursday, July 7, 2011

CCW Safety

Im my humble opinion, all CCW pistols should be handguns with 10 pound or greater DA triggers. For greater safety.  We should all voluntarily comply, but if a nationwide law was passed requiring it, I'm almost OK with that.  Discuss...

Also, all cops should be armed with S&W Model 10 .38s with 158gr SWCHP rounds.  Only.


Anonymous said...

Legislating safety like that is a slippery slope.

Integrated child lock, for safety.
RFID sensor blocks. If you don't have on the matching bracelet the gun won't fire, for safety.
Required snap cap as the first round, for safety.

Anonymous said...

By Jovian ... I do hope you're being sarcastic, I know you're keen on a 1911, SA if I'm not mistaken?

Teke said...

I prefer SA. I carry a 1911 and also an XD. Neither of which fit the above criteria.

The safety I use is between my ears. The only thing a heavy trigger pull may prevent is a jump reflex someone has when they are startled. What do the studies say on the force exerted by ha hand closing on a gun when a person is startled. I bet the evidence as to whether a 5lb trigger is sufficient or even if a 10lb trigger is enough would be inconclusive. Based on person the amount of jump, strength, body control, emotional state, etc. Then you have people who do not have the hand strength to pull a 10lb trigger.

Clint1911 said...

I was of the opinion the anything over 8 pounds should be classified cruel and unusual punishment.

However, Apex has a drop-in trigger for S&W wheel guns that is 9-lbs and v-e-r-y smooth.

It felt more like a 6-lb trigger. On silk

About the whole use a heavy trigger thing...

Mr Wesson(of S&W) had a similar idea about 105 years ago.

The idea was to have a trigger heavy enough to prevent mistakes, but light enough to shoot well.

Sorry, no such animal.

Shootablity goes out the window long before the high weight inconveniences the careless.

Also, heavy triggers actually cause ND's!

See if the trigger is too heavy, the noob will use it as a finger rest, and the novice will naturally "pre-stage" the trigger.

Long made short-

They pull the trigger, then aim, then finish the pull.

One reason glocks are bad for AD/ND's is not so much the guns themselves (although, having the decocker be the trigger really hurts trigger discipline) but the triggers.

Factory standard is 5.5-lbs.

Police either use the NY1 trigger at 8-lb or the NY2 trigger at TWELVE POUNDS.

No wonder cops can't hit crap; the trigger pull is 6-8 times the weight of the gun.

Clint1911 said...

"The safety I use is between my ears."

That's not a "safety" that is a skill.

There is a fundamental difference between Having A safety and Acting Safe.

Much like the difference between Being Safe and Acting Safe.

Associating safe behavior with a mechanical widget, in either direction, is a poor mindset to have.

While I understand your intent; I still feel the line is played out.

It is too cleaver for it's own good, and can be taken the wrong way. Not a good idea to confuse the new people.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Don't you all want to cut down on ND from a holster draw?

Marty said...

"Don't you all want to cut down on ND from a holster draw?"


Holster draw NDs are rare and typically not fatal.

They are a lesson. For us all.

"I am the only one qualified here to..."

Anonymous said...

Do you want to put a speed control governor in all the car so none can go over 55mph? All except the cops. and politicians. and rich people in limos.

elmo iscariot said...

Clint1911 said:

...and the novice will naturally "pre-stage" the trigger.

Ooh... Good point.

Keystone said...

I hope this was in MA, you get 10lb triggers on the vast majority of new guns purchased through dealers. It takes a very well trained person to fire a gun with a trigger that heavy accurately. If I could have tightened up the groups a bit with my stock MA-"friendly" M&P9, I'd have been minute-of-badguy at 7 yards. It was THAT bad.

Besides...MA likes 10lb triggers. You don't want to do what MA likes to do, do you?

Marty said...

My Beretta 96D, is DA only, no safety, and has an 8.8lb trigger.

Do not like.

If I shoot it a lot I get use to it but man it's a heavy pull.

Old NFO said...

After shooting my 1911, I 'know' you're being sarcastic... and I want all the ammo I 'need' to handle the situation. In the case of my Glock, that is a 17 round STANDARD magazine...

45er said...

The sarcasm... It burns.

Um, how about "no". NY triggers on Glocks for law enforcement were a ridiculous concept from the get go. How about training the basic rules of firearms and keeping the booger hook off the bang switch until you're on target?