Friday, July 1, 2011

CDC Shennanigans

I wish the Center for Disease Control would go back to concerning themselves with health issues, rather than carry the Joyce Foundation's water on rights restrictions.

A cure or inoculation against Zombie infections would be a much better use to taxpayer resources.  That way it would only be a waste of money rather than a waste AND contributing to civil rights violations.

Murder is bad.  It's not a disease, and out of your purview, CDC.  Mind your own bidness.  Be less cockamamie about it, too.


Bubblehead Les. said...

What do you expect from an Agency headed by a Demicommie Former Governor who's only Medical Experience was taking Large Campaign Funds from one of the few Late-Term Abortion Doctors in the U.S., then vetoing any Law that was passed in her state to Prevent it? Heck, they couldn't even handle the Swine Flu Outbreak, which is their ONLY Job!

To tell you the Truth, I betcha they are Secretly Funding Zombie Research. That way, they can then can "Ride to the Rescue" with the Cure (after all those Pesky Redstaters, Tea Partyer's, Gunnies and other "Wrong Thinkers" are eliminated, of course).

Naw, that's as crazy as the ATF Creating Crime so they can Solve it. Never Mind.

elmo iscariot said...

We live in a world where "disease" has been defined widely enough to include "drinks too much". Of _course_ it also includes "got shot".