Monday, February 19, 2018

Baker Act

I did not know that Florida already HAD enhanced mental health public policy in the form of the Baker Act.

So, his foster family was afraid of the shooter "we had no idea he was like this" but also deathly afraid of him?  Yeah, you knew something.  Enough to maybe surreptitiously take the firing pin out of the bolt carrier group.

Local police had gone to his house upwards of 40 times.

The FBI got at least 2 tips about him.

Any and all these could have triggered some sort of intervention, perhaps under the Baker Act.


But no, none of those proscriptions could be done.  Those were ignored.  What can be done, after the fact, is pass some ineffective gun control that will be also ignored, but will inconvenience law abiding folks and infringe on their rights.

Effective old policies are ignored.  Ineffective new policies are proposed.  Freedom is curtailed.  Check.  I see.

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