Friday, February 23, 2018

Engage the Isolated

Do they also lean left politically?  They seem to.  Am I off base?

By 'they' I mean The Isolated.  The ones we need help out and be friendly with to maybe head off a bit in case they are harboring destructive urges.  People that aren't by nature loners or misanthropes and yet are alone and lonely.  Literally or figuratively.

I don't know as many liberals as I know conservatives, so this is a heavier lift for my political opposite.   Leftist have to engage other leftists. 

If we accept the fact that these mass shooters run predominantly in lefty circles, when they run in circles.

Will DEMOCRATs reach out to folks that might feel isolated and include them?   It's not in their interest.  They use mass shootings to score points and move their political football down the field, just like we gunnies do.  They can alleviate the marginalized in their midst better than us, but then there would be few massacres and they lose a talking point.

Am I just a pessimist curmudgeon with little faith in the Left?  Probably.  But is that evaluation earned?

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