Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Had a Live Fire Training Day

But it wasn't my day.  Not on centerfire.  Super flinchy.  The anticipation was just too much.

So, I did the drills on rim fire.  5 yards.  3 rounds in two second with the target appearing and disappearing.  Sort of a modified part of the ICE shooting quals people like to use a lot these days.

Sorta surprised I had no fliers, so that is good.  The first 6 rounds may have been at 3 yards, then moved out because that was easy.

I want to know more about recoil control, especially with the relaxed technique that has been working well for me.  Get me to Miculek levels!  Well, how bout a deci-miculek?  Maybe 2 deci-miculeks if I am really fast.

Got homework.  Slow work with the .45, with a distant large target I can't see the holes from.  Just work on the feel, not note the performance until done.  The feel part will work on the flinch.  Plus added bonus, less chance of prairie doggin' between rounds.


Tam said...

"the ICE shooting quals people like to use a lot these days."

Legit LOL'ed. :D

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Well I didn't wanna say "Wackenhut"