Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Super Vell Ammo

No one will kvetch when I talk about it, I am not Tam.   Tam mentions an outdated ammo and 80 year old men come out of the woodwork to comment on it.  But her bit on Super Vel recently had the serendipity in also being in Guns Magazine 50 years before...  So Guns releases a PDF of the issue from exactly 50 years before the current discussion.  You get your Guns issue in the mail the day after Christmas, 1968 and the new hot ness Super Vel on page 16 will get discussed again IN THE FUTURE!  Future!  Future! 

Also in the magazine, they are talking about forgotten jungle fighting lessons that had been learned 25 years prior.  Not knowing Tet was right around the corner.

25!  Like it was a long time ago!  And now Jungle War 2, Electric Boogaloo is 50 years in the rearview, Boo.  Phew.


Tam said...

The entire concept of Super-Vel is based on the mistaken belief that you can make a pistol bullet behave like a rifle bullet. You can't.

Tam said...

So I went and read the link. I don't see how that has anything to do with what I wrote?

Help a sistah out?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

You said something about Super Vel. 'No one' had heard a thing about that ammo for decades.

Serendiptously, a 50 year old article comes out talking about Super Vel.

A 'plate of shrimp' moment.

Tam said...

Ah. Got it now. :)