Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Gun Reforms

You know, pass Grassley-Cruz, pass wide ranging reciprocity of CCW, let teachers in schools to carry if they want, some mental-health system reforms, take suppressors offa NFA, then... yeah sure.  Ban bump stocks.

I'd be cool with that.  Not happy with the ban, but... for the other stuff?  Ok. 

If you want to raise the purchase age to 21, I'll fight you, but I can be convinced.  Especially if there are exception, like 18 year old LEOs and people with a military ID being able to buy?  A lot of those folks train with their own rifle on their own time.  I wouldn't want to take training time away from an 11-Bravo.

I say this but their are a BAJILLION other gun owners reading this and throwing shade my way right now.  And I half agree with them that I deserve it.  Our side has compromised enough over the years. 

Hey, here's a thought.  Put an expiration date on the purchase age and bumpstocks.  Those parts expire in 2028.  If it's still a good idea in 10 years, they can vote to extend the restrictions.


Miguel GFZ said...

A sunset provision? Democrats will never go for it and probably jump off a building to stop it.

They got burned badly with the AWB and they learned the lessons.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Oh, I know they'll hate it. But make them vote against it.

Ratus said...

My position is as always repeal the NFA, but I'll take a reopening of machine gun registry and suppressors out of the NFA for bumpstocks.

And if they want to increase the age for purchase to 21 it needs to be the same with voting. Can't buy a gun, can't vote either.

Jonathan H said...

Don't forget raising the age of the draft and enlistment too - if an 18 year old can;t be trusted to buy a gun and can't vote, he shouldn't be able to be forced to die for his country either.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Agreed that sentiment. You can JOIN at 18, but if the draft comes back, 21, maybe.