Thursday, February 22, 2018

Metro III

Metrocons.  A term I coined years ago.  It's a conservative who academically is for the 2nd Amendment... perhaps... But heck he or she grew up in a big city or close-in suburb on the coast, and still lives there.  A BIG liberal enclave.  They've been marinating in a leftist fog for decades.  Some of it taints their makeup.  Plus, like many city dwellers, their feet rarely touch soil.  The only gun someone like Ben Stein or David Brooks sees in person are with cops or with robbers.  Nothing in between.  And since a Metrocon is neither a cop nor a robber...  Guns have no place in their personal lives.

Wait, there is one more place a 'metro' sees firearms.  In popular entertainment.  But, here again, you mainly see cops and robbers.  Throw movie soldiers in that mix. 

What we need are decades of ordinary folks carrying a pistol.  And not doing anything extraordinary (an ordinary-folk-with-a-gun movie is coming out soon, but this character does extraordinary things with it.   A Death Wish remake.  I'm not talking like that.)  Just a person in a movie that straps on his everyday carry piece, like others get their pocket watch or hat, and then go about their day, and do nothing or very little with it inside the storyline.  An anti-Chekhov's gun.  Normalize ordinary armed folks and maybe the next generation of metrocons will stop trying to go along with a gun ban, huh?

As if we could get liberal Hollywood to cooperate with us on this.   Maybe someone, somewhere.  Just a character in the Roseanne reboot putting his Elsie-Pea already in a pocket holster into his or her pocket.  That's something she might do.  I'd say in an upcoming season of Jessica Jones, some tertiary character with no specific threat or reason to go strapped... but that show is set in New York city.  You get my drift, though.

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