Thursday, February 22, 2018


Weighs in.

Jonah Goldberg is one of my favorite metrocons.  He is a New Yorker, but his wife and her family is from Alaska.

And here he has his take on the latest gun policy brouhaha that always comes up after a tragedy.

More nuanced than I thought it would go.  He is no execrable David Frum.

I liked Jonah more when he was younger and funnier.  He is about my age and both of us have become silly as we age, but he is FAR less silly than I. (Than me?  He's a better writer, too, and would know I or me there.)  I am saying I miss the more jocular Jonah.  And he is extra depressed lately as he is a bit of a NeverTrump.  The attitude lends a pall over latest writing.

He zeroes in on foundational attitudes in this piece.  Which is good.  Grasping for the Founders intent is what conservatives do, and I am glad he does it.


Most times, with metrocons and the 2nd Amendment, they are on your side, intellectually.  Until the least bit of pressure is applied to them, then they collapse like the Tacoma Narrows bridge.  See Bill Kristol and Ross Douthat.  Rubin.  Jonah hasn't done this, and I don't thing he will.

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