Sunday, February 11, 2018

Look to the Legislature

"Not the courts!  If you wanna change gun laws to be more favorable to gun rights!" sez Instapundit Glenn.

Easy for YOU to say, Mr. Tennessee.  (see yesterday's post for what I have to work with)

That is little help for Californians, New Jersites and Marylandiacs.  Like me.

Unless McConnell pushes through CCW reciprocity over a Dem filabuster, ain't nothing good coming my way from that branch of gummint.

But precious little has gone my way since McDonald in 2010 on the judicial side.  To remedy that I'd need Sotomayor to challenge Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Thunderdome this Spring.  And for Justice Breyer to challenge the winner of that match up.   That would move things along in the favor of expanded civil rights.    

A little help, here, from you more-freedom states will always be appreciated for us here in enemy territory.

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