Saturday, February 24, 2018


So Trump says:

Ban bump stocks
Make NICS much tighter
Take guns away from all 'crazies'

BOOOOO!!! Say the gunnies, because they know the shenanigans inside that.

Trump says:

Gun Free Zones are like ringing the dinner bell for evil
CCW in schools to protect the kids.

YAYYYY!!! Say the gunnies.  We've been pushing for reforms here for a while.

This dude is hard to nail down, huh?  And people thought he was an AMATEUR policician.


azmountaintroll said...

"Ooh I love to dance a little sidestep, now they see me now they don't-
I've come and gone and, ooh I love to sweep around the wide step,
Cut a little swathe and lead the people on."

Still better than all the alternatives.

Paul said...

Actually Trump has not said anything really objectionable.

1. Ban Bump Stocks: Honestly they do end up making a gun a full-auto for all practical purposes. Dunno about ban as the idea is already out there.

2. Make NICS much tighter. So, as long as there is DUE PROCESS, I can see it. Notice the Air Force failed to enter thousands of people into the NCIS (including the Church Shooter.) Yea, make them tighter in that respect.

3. Take guns away from all 'crazies'. Same here. As long as DUE PROCESS, a mechanism to where a hearing that proves or disproves the accusation of being 'crazy', I can see it. But it would also mean no 'anonymous' accusation. Whomever says you are nuts must come forward and face the person they are accusing.

So far Trump has done quite well. I doubt he will sell gun owners down the river.