Friday, February 2, 2018

Gun Controllers in Maryland

Members of the Gun Trace Task Force stole more than $300,000, at least 3 kilos of coccain, 43 pounds of marijuana, 800 grams of heroine, and hundreds of thousands of dollars work of watches from suspected drug dealers and others.  This according to the officers plea agreements.

They also bilked the city out of gobs of overtime they never worked.  Which is the worse offense, I bet.  

Drug dealers were given immunity to testify against the officers.

If they ban bump stocks in Maryland, and come to my house to confiscate mine because they suspect I may have one, (please...) it will be members of the Gun Trace Task Force ringing my doorbell.

They will be disappointed at the absolute DEARTH of cocaine in my house.  If they want nose-beers, they will have to bring their own.

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Projectilist said...

It sounds like they will bring their own (to be conveniently discovered at the appropriate time).