Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Range targets

Got the four 4 FTFs I mentioned before, 64 rounds total, 14 of em AE, the 50 were them funny ones, SWC.  Jan 24th

Meh.  Some flinchies in there.  Too many.  There are two types of flinchies for me.  1)  "That was a flinch." and 2) "DAMMIT!"  The fuscia arrow points toward my Dammit.

So, because flinchies...

And this one has 50 rounds of CCI MM.  The GOOD targets are at 25 feet.  The ones with more spread to the group I sent the target out to 75 feet.  Haven't done that in a while and am pleased they are that good.

They aren't good, per se.  They are good-for-me.  And perfectly serviceable.  Man the circle of the target looks teeny compared the front sight way down there.  Jan 30th

But a good session.  I wanted to do some .22 work to rethink my flinch.   And was VERY relaxed this time.  Nice.  Just what I wanted.  Quickly back in the groove.

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