Thursday, February 15, 2018

Nuthin in my head

Do I want to blog about Ruth Bader Ginsburg wanting to see an Equal Rights Amendment again?  Just retire already, you old bat.  Tell me, where is it ensconced in the Constitution giving males a leg up on females? 

Do I want to talk about QC issues in the firearm industry?  Tam has that covered pretty good.  I love that bit about the Walmart effect.  I don't like shopping in that store, myself.  Even the 'good' ones.  We have some pretty grody Walmarts near me.  One good thing I can say about Walmart?   They are reliable. 

How bout 13 bucks per round sales to the Army?  All because cheap lead and steel with a copper jacket doesn't do the trick anymore.

15 cents a round 9mm?

Stupid dry spell.  I need to hit the range.

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