Wednesday, February 14, 2018


The Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast thing is going around elsewhere.  It's the current Gloce vs. 1911 argument. 

You got the Mark Wahlberg Sniper Navy SEAL Mall-Cop wannabe saying that.  Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast. 

And you got the Ritalin Addled Twitchy Race Gun Gamers saying:  NO!  FAST IS FAST!  GAKGAKGAKGAKGAKGAK!!!!

And plenty of folks much less annoying with honest differences of opinion on how to shoot better coming down on either side of that divide. 

What am I?  I'm a n00b.  It says NEW Jovian Thunderbolt up there.  I don't shoot terrists with a sniper rifle or participate in umpteen bajillion IDPA competitions.  I just shoot a bit, at the range and in the simulator and have my gunsmith training me, and measuring my speed and accuracy.  I'm a bit of a slowhead, but I have learned stuff.  

But my personal experience...   Is sorta different.  I'd says I am modified first group.  Just "Smooth is Fast."  Forget that Slow part. 

If I have a string of shot and try to go FAST I also tend to tense up, and that makes my form jerky and accuracy falls off, and I try to go EVER FASTER to make up for my misses so I miss more and.... 

When I am relaxed and have a SMOOTH string my accuracy goes up.  And.  Even though it felt slower than the fast run, my time is invaribly better.  It feels like voodoo magic.  I swear. 

Now I am not purposely trying to go SLOW.  I am trying to go SMOOTH.  And the result, after much practice, is FAST.  Your mileage may vary, but it is what works for me right now.  I am always open to improvements.  But a smooth run with no misses feels slower, but isn't, than a fast run with no misses for me at this point of Shooty Vision Quest.

Ever watched someone that was really good at something do that thing?  They often look relaxed.  Like what they do is easy.  Not tensed up.  It's smooth and competent.   You can always bear down and go faster and flail about.  It will at least feel faster when you are doing it.  Might not be faster.  Proof is in the timer.

(I didn't want to blog this because I didn't want to get all contentious and junk.  Just describe something topical and how it works for me.  I am running on E on blog fodder, too, and this was just hanging there.)

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