Monday, February 19, 2018

Mental Health

When Newtown happened my State representatives were all about gun control.  They actually responded back then, when written to.  Or someone in their office.  They don't respond anymore.  I guess I am filed away by the "this guy is a crank" filter.  Though I didn't present as a crank.

In my correspondence then I suggest concentrating on mental health would be more effective than yet more firearms restrictions on people that don't commit the atrocities.  I noted it's a harder problem to solve, but that's why they are elected to be leaders on.

My entreaties then fell on deaf ears.

I am glad we are hear noises about mental health issues from other quarters today.  I know they didn't get the idea from me.  The president doesn't take my counsel, and I am not the originator of the "hey, let's focus more on the mentally troubled" idea.  It still is a good thing.

But not just making folks pariahs and prohibited person because of mental health reasons.  FIXING trouble people so the mass murder option gets left off the "Thing to do today" list.  This latter is really the only effective way forward.  Mental health carrot, not mental health stick.  (Well, maybe the stick for some crazies.  I only half joke when I note there'd be lots less mayhem if Democrats were prohibited persons.)

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