Friday, February 9, 2018

Not even Democrats know

Even House Dems Wonder: What was the point of the Pelosi filibuster?

C'mon, you can't be that dumb.

She thinks it helps her lots of ways.  She miscalculates on a bunch of them.

But a BIG thing is shows is that she is not old, senile, and incapable.  That lady is pushing 80 and wants to be Speaker again in November.  She doesn't want to be pushed aside as past her prime and this proves to up and coming Dems that she is still the fresh young face of the Democrat party.

She succeeded at demonstrating her stamina better than she succeeded at anything else.  This is the Silverback Bull Gorilla putting on an dominance display.  Sorry Steny Hoyer.

But I bet a dollar that is no Blue Wave sweeps the gavel to her 80 year old harpy claws she will not run again in 2020.


[Gun Content.  I named my 1894C Gummint Cheez because I used the $700 tax rebate check her and W sent me to buy it, and I knew it would annoy her.  It's the only firearm I nicknamed.  Normally, nicknames are silly to me, but in this case...]

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azmountaintroll said...

That does seem the most likely explanation. However, given her previous displays of physical and mental frailty I wonder what they pumped her up with this time? And will she suffer a Hillary style public malfunction?