Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Days gone by.

James Lileks

"Today while driving daughter to work we were having a conversation about school shootings. I was talking about Fargo when I was young, how this simply didn’t happen, how there were guns in everyone’s rumpus room, or at least dad’s drawer, because chances are he was in WW2 or Korea. How my dad taught me about guns and how I learned to shoot and learned that I didn’t want to. She was telling me that Fargo of my childhood is no longer applicable, and I suppose she’s right"

Correct, Natalie.  That far gone Fargo is not applicable.  Unless you decide it to be.   It can be that way again, and all it takes is will.  It's not even a heavy lift.

And her father sorta says the same thing in the blog post.   RTWT, as the kids say.

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azmountaintroll said...

"What a nation has done, a nation may aspire to." - Dr. Jerry Pournelle