Friday, February 23, 2018


It's pretty gross the latest gun-grabbing iteration has adopter #NeverAgain as a rallying cry.

You know.  Like they use for the Holocaust.  As if the 2nd Amendment is sorta the same as Nazis and the death camps.  That Trump is Hitler and the NRA is the SS.

Is that why it's gross?  The Godwin?    No. It's gross because the Holocaust only happened because Progressive Democrats in the Weimar 'Republic' disarmed it's people, including the Jews.  So when the Stormtroopers, few in number, came around to roust out folks to ship them off in cattle cars them Nazis knew to be unafraid.  There would be no effective resistance.

If the 1920s Democrats in Germany had defended the people's right like a Republic should then maybe the Holocaust gets strangled in its crib in the mid 1930s.  With effective self-defense.

And you modern Gun Banners are not 1940 Middle Europe Jews.  Stop pretending you are.  That's gross, and an affront to the memory of the actual victims.

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