Sunday, October 28, 2018

A little skill...

... I wish I had.

I wish I could crack an egg into a pan or a bowl and not break the yolk.

What?  You thought it would be gunsmithing related? Shooting?  Sure, there are plenty of big skills like that I wish could be magically bestowed on me.

But I'll take the egg one.

Recently I have switched from cracking on the edge of something to cracking on a flat surface.  I don't think it helps.

I have had a lot of luck with pealable hard-boiled eggs by putting the eggs, gently, with a ladle like doohicky, into already boiling water, then ice bath for cooling when done.  You lose an egg or two to the heat shock, but that's ok.

What little skill do you wish YOU had?


JC said...

I dunno, man. I crack eggs into a bowl using one hand and never break the yolks. There must be a trick to it but the devil if I know what it is.

Will said...

Change the supplier of eggs. I've seen a radical difference in how eggshells break from different vendors. A consistent difference. Try to find a direct farmer's outlet if possible. The local one for me supplies restaurants primarily, it seems, but they have a direct store. I can buy flats of 30 eggs. I suspect part of it may be a different food supply for the chickens, and/or a slightly different breed of chicken.

Good eggs tend to break in half. Bad ones seem more inclined to shatter, which leave one fighting the inner liner that clings to the shell, which ends up breaking the yolk.

Windy Wilson said...

What Will said. I stopped buying the eggs with the splintery shells because I got tired of fishing out bits of eggshell from the white. Anything more than that about not breaking yolks I don't know. As to farm-fresh eggs, they have a different flavor and are harder to peel.
As to cold water shock, take the boiled eggs out of the pan and run cold water on them to help you peel them and reduce the big dimple at the wide end of the egg.