Thursday, October 25, 2018

Range 22 OCT

Continuing to test my built gun.  The T-Bolt Special?  Double Ought One?  Thunderstruck?  Jupiter's Gatt?  None of them fit.

Federal HST, 42
Magtech, 44
American Eagle, 22
8 yard range
Zero Malfs.
150 rounds total so far since I built the gun.


I'm heeling a bit, this time.  Making the shots go high.  With 3 magazine through each target one after another, though, you get time to correct your error in a string.  I shoot ok... start to heel, then correct.  The bad shots tend to be in the middle of a string.

One adjustment I have to make is...  there is some creep at the start of the trigger pull.  It's the disconnector.  The hole in the frame is a bit too big and you can feel that little give in the trigger pull.  What to do?  There is a tool on that same catalog page.  The disconnector staking tool.  A wack with that in the right spot will close up the hole in the frame, tightening it.  Simple, huh?  Boy I hope so. 

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