Thursday, October 4, 2018

Range, 1 Oct

New sights on the Hudson, but I arrived a bit too flinchy.  AGAIN.  Gotta work on that.

Ok, new sights on the H9, gotta test that.  .210 instead of .220.  So I shouldn't shoot low...


Ok, change the point of aim a bit and try again.  In case that was just very old bad habits.

POA circled.  Ok, much better.  That first one wasn't the sight.  It was me. 

Then the rest.

Still some 'dropped' shots.  The last set, the three circled, were all called flinches, and the other are more relaxed and a bit better.  Initial shots were generally nearer the bull and the group creeped toward 6 o'clock. 

It's been a while since I shot a not-revolver.  I bet next time there is less vertical variance. 

115 grain, American Eagle, 60 shots.  280 total for gun, 183 since last malfunction or lube.  No cleaning.  Trying to get 250 in a row, no malf.  If I were gonna carry it, I'd not carry it til then.  Gonna have to mix in some holler points in the break-in test. 

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