Tuesday, October 2, 2018

No Answers?


The screwiest thing about the Vegas Shooting is that we still don't have any answers.

I heard on the news last month that the shooter still only 'reportedly' used bump stocks.  Like we still aren't sure.

Are authorities not sharing info because they HAVE no info to disseminate?  They should say that.  Saying nothing is just kind of odd.

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Jonathan H said...

Last I read, the FBI and ATF had only been allowed to visually examine the outside of the weapons found with the perpetrator and were prevented from taking them apart or checking function in any way.
Remember, this was, as far as I know, legally, a local crime - the feds had to be invited into the investigation and apparently their invitation had limits.
It seems to me that the way LV has handled this that they WANT there to be questions, uncertainties, and conspiracy theories about the situation.