Saturday, October 20, 2018


Well, this was a refreshingly different bit from the Gummint Radio Station.  "The 'Young Black Man' Who Reluctantly Became An NRA-Certified Instructor."

"It'll really cheese off them NRA types that a black man is interested in exelling with firearms!"

Uhhhh...  Yeah, I don't think that the NRA types think like that, NPR.

At least the is the vibe I get when a lefty media org puts up one of these.  And I am genuinely interested in reading about his journey to get good, as I too am on a journey to get good.  Solid. And the dude sound like someone I wouldn't mind hanging out with. 


Jonathan H said...

Yet another person who hasn't taken the time to understand his opponent...

Chris Morton said...

If you're Black and WANT racial slurs hurled at you, defy a White Democrat when he ORDERS you to endorse invidiously racist gun controls. Been there, done that.

Only self-identified Nazis have been more aggressively racist.