Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Autumn Leafs

Ok, I gotta get this down so I can remember.

Of course, trial and error can do the same thing, but I still want a record.

If you have REALLY good hammer sear engagement, you can try this.  If you do not, don't.  You spring may be fixing some other thing.  Fair warning. 

The 1911 Leaf Spring.

It has three fingers.  Top to bottom
  1. Sear finger
  2. Disconnector, trigger-bow finger
  3. Grip safety finger
Ok, we aren't going to mess with #3.  It does its job with the grip safety, bent back like that, as it, from the factory, usually.

If you want more of a roll trigger, bend the Sear finger back toward you and the Disconnector finger toward the muzzle end.

For crisp trigger, reverse it.  Stengthen the Sear finger by bending it forward, and the Disconnector finger back a bit.

For a VERY crisp trigger.  Bend both forward.

Bend them both back if you want super light bordering on too light.  I do not recommend.

I like more of the roll trigger, lately, but your preferences are your preferences

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