Monday, October 8, 2018

Bad Dream

In my dream I no longer had the strength to do Left Shoulder, Arms, from Order Arms, to Right Shoulder Arms with a Garand.  Left arm too weak.  Then I tried it with an 03.  No luck there either.

I learned the manual of arms in college.

Which is an odd worry as my right upper body is the side that has had occasional weakness because of neck disks pushing on the spinal cord on that side.

To have a weakened left is fresh news to me, even in dreamland.

The problem was worse in the transition from the left shoulder to the right as you have to pop out the rifle hold the butt in the left hand, with your forearm more or less parallel to the deck.  Bicep and hand work.  And here it just faded to failure.

I hate getting old. But a heckuva thing to come up with in a dream. Rifle drill? At least milsurp rifles are widely available in my dreams.


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