Sunday, October 7, 2018

Rent a Mob

For Kavenaugh, Soros had Rent a Mobs out in full force.  Poor Jeff Flake is a bit jumpy in a good day.

But if Justice Breyer or Ruth Bader Ginsburg choke to death on the walnut stuffing this Thanksgiving... and assuming the president's allies retain control of the Senate...  It will be Rent a Riots.  I'm guessing.

So, I live in Maryland.  So there are lots of restrictions.  But even in the most permissible states there are still no-go areas. Every Post Office, for one.  When the violence breaks out when do you start carrying routinely where you are forbidden to?  Assuming there isn't a controlled entryway.

Well, it depends.  It depends on the Riots.  Me carry in Maryland or you carry in a Post Office?  Yeah, that depends on what kind of nationwide violence we are seeing.

There can be some serious neo-Commie white folks just killing people left and right downtown.  Worst riots since the Civil War when the draft was instate, let's say.  Scary.  It still might be obvious with some rational thought that that riot won't touch me when I grocery shop and commute to and from work.

Where else do I go, these days?  To the gunsmith and to the range?  I won't be trapped out without a carry piece in no-carry MD in those time, as those are sanction 'firearms in the car' time here.

So... at work... 20 mile from home... and widespread violence and I wish I was carrying even if it is super illegal?  That violence better be more widespread than I can conceive.  I just don't travel through areas where that is a likely issue.  Sparse areas.  Non residential areas.  Highways...

And if it does happen and I am caught out on my commute? I have other weapons.  One being the truck.

But that level of violence takes some time to cook up.  I don't know why I'd be away from home the 48 hours before it got to that. 


B said...

I you think your truck is a weapon, then you better have much stouter bumpers than those the come stock. Yes, you can move a crowd...but your truck will die about a block later 'cause of engine/radiator/suspension damage.

'Just sayin't.

azmountaintroll said...

Concur. Modern vehicles are designed to crumple around the occupants, sacrificing themselves to save the humans. The notion of vehicle as weapon simply isn't part of the design process, though a heavy duty brush guard comes close.

Will said...

Most pickups have a metal bumper. Install a grill guard to protect the radiator from impact damage, which is the biggest problem with pushing things such as bodies or other vehicles. besides protecting the cooling system, you want to keep an engine mounted fan out of the radiator, as that will normally stall the motor. The other vulnerability is any sort of sensor on the front of the motor, such as a crank position sensor. Any damage to that sort of sensor is an instant kill of your vehicle.

Take a look under the hood for potential damage if the radiator support is pushed back a few inches. Batteries are often/mostly mounted right there, so check for potential shorting of the positive terminal to the support. Normally the cables don't have enough slack to turn the battery around, but sometimes you can get a reverse position version of the batt to get the terminal in a safer location.

Consider removing the engine mounted fan, and installing electric fans, as they typically don't produce the damage to a radiator as the hard-mounted engine fan can. Less stress on the water pump if they are mounted on it.

Many years ago, I hit a doe crossing the road in the early morning in So NJ. I had to wait for sunrise to see well enough to use the bumper jack to push the radiator off the fan so the truck would start and run. Sat in the middle of the country road for an hour.