Sunday, October 21, 2018

Online ads

Tam said there was a time she was seen riding in a Chrysler product with this kind of license plate on the front:

I googled Direct Connection to remind myself what that was.  Oh yeah. 

Now all the ads I see online are for Vedder holsters, still, but also Year One parts purveyor stuff.  That's it.  Just them two.  Errywhere.

Meh.  It could be worse.

"Adult diapers?  Why does Facebook think I need adult diapers.  I mean, I do.  Well I don't NEED them.  They are just so much more convenient.  But I don't want them in my face 24/7.  So to speak."


Ratus said...

Online ads?

What are these "Online ads" that you speak of?

I know not this thing.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I go to YouTube. Vedder holsters. I go to Facebook, Vedder. I go to Twitter- VEDDER.

At least now it's half MOPAR

Ratus said...

Haven't you ever heard of ad blockers?

Do you use Firefox?

Get the uBlock Origin and Adblocker for YouTube add-ons. They are free.

No more ads.

Just make sure to turn off uBlock on YouTube it and the other add-on interact a bit oddly.

If you use chrome there's a uBlock for that one too.

There's even a free no-root ad blocking Android app called Blokada.

I'm using it on my phone right now. Currently no ads except for the YouTube app.