Thursday, October 18, 2018

Range 15 Oct

50 more hydra shoks, 9mm, out of the Hudson.

No malfunctions.

Trial complete.  390 rounds total in the gun, but 293 since last malfunction and corrective measure to solve that malfunction.  (Extractor tension was too fight, caused by a wire edge on the extractor hook.  Just cleaned up that arris with a single pass with a safe edge file)

For new to me guns I like to put 250 through it with no malfunction to sorta ensure it will run.  Increase my confidence in the gun.  Not a perfect system.  Perfect might be 500 or some other number.  But you gotta draw the line somewhere.  So, now I would carry it for CCW.  Am I?  Gonna carry it?  Naw.  Might make it the nightstand gun because it has a light rail and high capacity.

Now I may need to write a letter to Hudson to tell them I am pleased with their product and what I found with the extractor as my only real bother.  There are minor quibbles, but the extractor is the one worth mentioning.

Anyway, the target.   A bit better than before on the initial upper left.

And less favoring the right half.  

Man my stamina is awful. As I get tired it droops.  Gotta work on that too. 

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Jerry The Geek said...

several years ago I was treated to a guided tour through the STI factory in Georgetown, Texas. I was surprised to see that they made their own extractors. You expect small parts (springs, etc.) to be purchased "outside". Apparently, reputable firearms manufacturers understand that "critical parts" must be held to the highest standards.

Nobody wants to spend $3000+ on a pistol only to find that it won't extract reliably.